Corporate Works

Selected links of old web works in progress (some of them probably aren’t accessible anymore):

TKN Innovative

Creating appropriate UI and UX design to fulfill project requirements and transforming it into functional frontend and cross-platform code.

Tech: design, html/css/js, ASP.NET Core, Angular, Xamarin Forms

# Some of the projects under the TKN Innovative

IT Engine

Responsible for UI and UX design, interpreting design into functional HTML/CSS code, wireframing, user flow diagrams…

Tech: design, html/css/js, ASP.NET Razor

  • Branding

# Some of the projects under the IT Engine


COM-HTTP: can be also founded here

Archicad obuka:

Mosaic City (custom design, html/css/js, WordPress integration):

Radio ASFM

Thibaut Design


Flexbox superpowers demonstration: